Good news for everyone in South Africa using CBD!  The South African government has just made an official statement allowing CBD derived products to be sold by anyone without getting special dispensation.  The exception is only good for 1 year and will expire in May 2020.  

“The exemption comes with two conditions: the maximum daily dose of CBD must be 20 milligrams or less, and the product can not claim to cure or treat any specific condition. It may only advertise “general health enhancement”, or “health maintenance”, or promise “relief of minor symptoms”, as long as those symptoms are not linked to a disease or disorder” – Business Insider South Africa

We think its important to stay up-to-date with the current South African law, and to ensure our packaging and labels reflect the 2 main conditions for the exception. As well, we’ve received some good feedback about our labels from our community that could help with identifying products easier.  These 2 factors lead us to redesigning our the look of our product to make it legally compliant and easier for people to distinguish between the 3 concentrations we offer by adding colour categories.  Below is a quick glance of the new product labels.

During the time of the exception period, the South African government will be deciding on updated laws for products containing CBD, including making a decision on whether CBD should be listed as a schedule 4 substance.  If CBD is labeled as schedule 4, then it will still be legal, but only through a pharmacist and a prescription.      

Our resource for this post was from Business Insider South Africa –Dagga ingredient CBD just became fully legal for anyone to sell in South Africa – but only for the next year

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